New distributor announcement Delta Elettronica

Delta : the electronic’s world in one brand

Delta opened its doors for business back in 1978. It's mission is to distribute Electronic Components and IT products, providing worldwide the latest high tech support on Electronic Market and Information Technology. Delta, one of today’s Leading Electronics Distributors located in the beautiful region of Lombardy-Italy, offers to its customers a complete product-line for semiconductors, passive and electromechanical. Unlike other competitors, Delta choose to divide and distribute its catalogue into three large segments with three distinct strategies.To guarantee to all its customers a continuous supply of products, avoiding them stop production… even during times of shortage :

Due to an efficient, structured, price-oriented policy, and expert team, Delta established and maintains a credible, and high competitive market leadership. Keeping focus and resources on new products and technologies, improving knowledge on customer’s needs, Delta is expanding its sphere of activity, wisely monitoring the ongoing evolution in high tech. Such attention to all details, allows Delta to be flexible, adding new products to its catalog in a quick and efficient way.

All these factors,
plus an uncompromising pursuit in quality – DELTA is UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified
– ensure to anyone who chooses Delta and its services, to have full coverage on today global electronic market, with a real competitive advantage.

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